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Solar - solar panels

Solar energy is a free, endless, environmentally friendly energy source. Using solar energy reduces utility bills, and the installation of solar collecting equipment in your home may provide a return on investment as high as 20% - all tax-free savings!


 Two Solar Panels For Sale - Make us a reasonable offer!


We have two Solar Panels in stock that we are selling at very attractive prices. We have a Cansolair Model for home or cottage heating and an Enerworks Model for domestic hot water.

The Consolair Model
    This unit mounts on the side of your home or cottage, is four feet wide and seven feet long. It provides warm air and will reduce your cost of heating. It is easy to install.

The Enerworks Model
    This unit provides domestic hot water, is four feet wide and eight feet long and comes with an energy pack. The panel is designed to absorb 94% of the sun's energy.

Space Heating


Domestic Hot Water



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Alternatives - Serving Greater Saint John since 1977

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