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Wood Inserts, fireplaces and stoves

If you are considering burning wood in a fireplace, insert or stove, here are some points to consider. Most are thumbs up, but there are few thumbs down which you will want to reflect on.

Thumbs Up

  • Wood generates a significant source of heat, either by fireplace, insert or stove
  • Wood is a renewable source of energy
  • Units are available with very high efficiency ratings
  • Units are available with very low emission ratings
  • Wood offers an excellent source of heat in the event of a power outage
  • Wood burning stoves have a great cooking surface
  • A wood burning fire creates a nice homey atmosphere
  • Handling the wood is great exercise
  • The opportunity exists for a payback on your investment
  • Minimal maintenance

Thumbs Down

  • For some folks, handling the wood may become a tiresome chore
  • You will need adequate space for storing the wood
  • You will spend more time cleaning up chips, bark and the like than with other hearth products

So Your Decision is Wood...

Now will it be a stove, an insert or a fireplace? To help you with your decision we want to take you directly to the quality offerings of the great brand names we carry at Alternatives in Saint John, New Brunswick. And one last thing! After you learn about the wood burning units we sell you might want to learn about their EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rating and the EPA ratings on all the other wood burning units out there.

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Alternatives - Serving Greater Saint John since 1977

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